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BIHRMANN's THOUGHTS                   

This is a collection of basic thoughts and facts around what you and me can do in general, to help the nature.

And a bit about what we shouldn't do as well. 

There are two kind of people:
 Those who care about the nature, and those who can afford to care.

Well; there might be a third: The less rich, but very aware consumer.

As I ended the Conservation Page with:
"One simple solution: An airborne Ebola, which wipes out all the "civilized" people, leaving the few remaining Indians who still live in harmony with Mother Earth.
 I hope I can come up with a better solution!

 And this is some of the smaller ideas, that might help in the big picture. Saving energy, only using what needed, recycling and respecting the nature in general, are some of the key-words.

Flightless beetle; nature know how to save!

 What I would suggest as ways to get along with nature and the Earth it selves
 A part of conservation is restriction: The less you use, the less nature have to be used or cultivated. You might even achieve it without using artificial components, but keeping it in harmony with the nature.
More expensive, I know, but just buy less. Never throw out. Don't  just buy things you want, but only things you need - and not only to keep you happy!
Minimalism is a good part of the way!

In a average household in the rich parts of the world, huge amounts of trash are removes constantly. Was it really necessary to produce, transport and finally trash it? Could the consumers have done with less wrapping and goods? The nature sure would have benefited from NOT producing this!

 At the same time, people could have worked less and enjoyed life more, along with family, relaxing, exploring the wild or whatever bring a smile on their face - without endless consuming.


What I Do to Help
I live in a 20 square meter, highly isolated room. I do not owe more than 50 things, including toothbrush, furniture and clothing. 
 I'm a vegetarian, prioritising organic grown products (good for me, not my CO2 footprint), and are careful not to have to throw food out. I have around 5 litres of trash a week, which is sorted in organic matter, metal, glass, paper, cardboard and more.
 I recycle all I can, and have that in mind shopping. I do prefer - although I have to admit: It is a bit expensive - products that have i.e. a Max Havelaar or Rainforest Alliance certificates, see below...

     My few electronics and other power consuming equipment are shoot off, not on stand-by. Actually; I only have one light sources, a 10W halogen bulb. I use a laptop PC, and turn it off after use. No TV.
 I use public transport or walk if possible - else; I  use a small second hand car, doing 33kl/l = 76 M/Gal.
 I wash my cloth in a efficient machine, saving power and water.
 I dry my cloth by air, not tumbler.
 I only use the oven rarely, filling it completely if I do.
 I don't buy things I can do without.
 I buy quality which last, no "buy and throw-out stuff".
 What I shouldn't do
 I am harsh to the environment, flying around the world. But: I only fly around to give a hand to conservation projects. And I stay there for months.

 I am always cold, and I shouldn't live in this cold Danish climate! I try not to, during the winters, but that brigs me back to point one...

 I am borrowing CDs on the public library instead of buying.  Radio is another possibility, I just don't seem to find a station I like.

 This is about thoughts, not a blind religion! I don't believe in saving at any cost; it should have to be durable.
 It might not take a complete change of life for us, just giving it a thought when we buy and use things.

 Consider this; how little does all the animals use, besides from daily food?

 I have founded a company, working with conservation: HT1 ApS.

These are just some of the - more or less commercial - brands and certifications in Denmark, which might indicate a good buy.

IN THIS SERIES: Thoughts about; Climate, Conservation, Extinction, Mankind and My Contribution.