- world's smallest camper!

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I bought this car for work, but I did have a hidden agenda: A tour around the entire Europe one day.
To me, it was a no-brainer; I had to have a small car, doing great mileage, and at the same time fitted for my long legs.

It soon turned out, it was a one horse race: VW's Lupo 3L was the only serious bid. I have  now had it for 10 years, and while it have been driven 400.000 km,  I have only tagged along for the last 170.000 km. It still do 33,5 km/l and feel healthy.

I can't help myself; I just have to make alterations to most of my belongings. "Things have to fit me, not the other way around". That said, I do have to restrict due to the strict Danish vehicle-rules and regulations.
first alteration was the back-seat: I'm not going to act as a taxi anyway. A plywood-plate, fitted with carpet, make a real spacious cargo-room.
The lack of spare-wheel worried me, and I shifted the battery to the room behind the passenger's seat, and the spare-wheel fitted perfect in the well.
I sew curtains to keep the light and noisy eyes out, and when I'm on tour, the passenger's seat is removed to make room for two boxes and a plywood-board, which align with the back. Now, I have a 210 x 80 centimetre bed.
As I'm working all evening (and part of the nights) on diary and photos on the computer, the airbag got lost, and the steering-wheel can be removed without tools, making room for the computer.
Cooking is on a alcohol-burner on the "bed" - I only set it on fire once...

I found, it earned the "GT"  sign after 25 countries and two continents. I will call that "Grand Touring"!
Read more about the tour on
Europe. It was a great tour, except the de-tour down an Albanian mountainside!
At present, I have been driving in 102 countries of the 128
I have visited around the world, 42 in my own Lupo GT. I should have brought it to Iceland, to hit the third continent!


Brand Volkswagen
Model Lupo
Generation Lupo (6X)
Engine 1.2 TDI 3L (61 Hp)


Power 61 hp/4000 rpm.
Maximum speed 165 km/h
Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h 14 sec
Fuel tank volume 34 l
Year of putting into production 1999 year
Year of stopping production 2005 year
Coupe type Hatchback


Length 3529 mm.
Width 1620 mm.
Height 1470 mm.
Wheelbase 2319 mm.
Front track 1425 mm.
Rear (Back) track 1400 mm.
Minimum volume of Luggage 130 l
Maximum volume of Luggage 1630 l
Position of engine Front, transversely
Engine displacement 1191 cm3 
Torque 140 Nm/1800 rpm.
Fuel System Diesel Commonrail
Turbine Turbocharging
Valvetrain OHC
Position of cylinders Inline
Number of cylinders


Bore 76.5 mm.
Stroke 86.4 mm.
Compression ratio 19.5
Number of valves per cylinder


Fuel Type Diesel
Wheel Drive Front wheel drive
Number of Gears (automatic) 5
Front suspension Helical spring
Rear suspension Trailing
Front brakes Ventilated discs
Rear brakes Drum
ABS yes
Steering type Steering rack
Power steering Hydraulic Steering
Minimum turning circle 9.8 m
Fuel consumption - urban 3.7 l/100 km.
Fuel consumption - extra urban 2.7 l/100 km.
Fuel consumption - combined 3.0 l/100 km.
Kerb Weight 830 kg.
Max. weight 1190 kg.
Tire size 155/65R14
Wheel rims size 4.5 J

This is a 1243 HP "Lupo". Guess it is NOT a 3L....