DIVING around the WORLD

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 I just started diving a few years ago, after having snorkelled a lot. Due to the temperature and visibility around Denmark, I have never been diving in my home country.
 In the beginning, diving was just part of the adventure while travelling, but some of the recent tours have been mainly about diving.

 My main goal is to see and document the magnificent and breathtaking nature - while we still have it. It is my belief that people are more likely to preserve and appreciate plants and animals, if they have seen and heard of them. If I can contribute in any way, I see this as a goal in it self.
 These photos might be dominated by documentation photos, while the panoramic and beautiful motives are a bit scares.

PHOTOS & DIARIES: Philippines, South Africa, Madagascar, Bonaire 06, Bonaire 08 Diary from Bonaire and Sulawesi Diary from Sulawesi.

 On these pages, you will find a lot of photos from my dives. In the beginning, I got the photos from my buddies, mainly Morten, but recently I bought my own cameras. I kept a diary on all tours, but only the most recently are in English (Diary from Sulawesi)

To friends
and operators.

 I personally prefers the top reef with its abundance of life forms. Although they might be relatively small, they are colourful beyond any imagination. On top of that, the water is warmer, and I can extend my dives for more than one hour, and make numerous dives each day.

 My gear is customised  to be as minimalistic as possible. That way I carry little, are less likely to have breakdowns and what is most important to me; I don't have all this tangling components that likely get entangled and causes damages to the reef. Unfortunately, is does not mean it necessarily have been cheap.

Less is more..

 A good operator is essential while visiting remote and unknown locations around the world, at least for the first dives. So fare, I have found the small and personally run companies fare the best.
 The smaller the groups are, the better. I can't helping feeling pity for the divers in a overcrowded, overpowered zodiac, racing pass us two, laying in the shadow, on the deck of a huge boat, paying less for each dive.

 While choosing a operator, make sure it is one of those, who employs the locals. That way, the local community benefits from the reef, without having to dynamite fishing on it, and they will help conserving it.
 After a few dives, especially in locations with shore diving, I prefers to go by our selves. Many guides tend to be so eager to show morays and sharks, that they completely forget about all the small, but even more interesting creatures of the reef. And some just like to go deep and fast, making the dive as short as possible.

and operators. 

MY LOG: . Part 1  2  3  4 With location, price, sightings and more