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- a bit of general info for the species

Neocaridina davidi

The wild animals are brownish, but breeders have made colourful ones. Blue
♂, red

These are just some of the variations. Further more, there are striped and other variations

Synonyms: N. denticulata sinensis, N. heteropoda
Vascular names: Cherry Shrimp, Blue Jelly, White Pearl, Green Jade, Sakura, Red Fire, Blue Fire, Rili and many more
Family: Atyidae
Origin: Taiwan (Germany - Israel - Japan - Hawaii)
Habitat: Freshwater streams
Water: pH: 5,5-8    dKH: 6-20
Temperature: 14-29C
Size: ♂: 2-3 cm ♀: 3-4 cm
Gender difference: The female abdomen curve down (see top of the page)
Reproduction: Eggs, carried by the female
Lifespan: 1-2 years
Litter: 20-60
Pregnancy: 15-35 days, carry the eggs under the body

The day active species is a bit dull in the wild, and where I usually avoid bred variations, I embrace these colourful ones. They thrive in most tap-water, and will propagate. They should have at least 3 L aquariums, with quite some vegetation like Java Moss and other fine plants, others claim. Mine thrive fine, and seems content with a couple in a one litre glass. The just walk slowly around, grassing like sheep, and don't seems to feel trapped in.
They are omnivores, and do a fine job keeping the algae down. They can be fed with pulverised dried stinging nettle or fruit tree leaves, but they do not eat much. I have only feed mine brown beech leaves and boiled beans, and only the youngsters, crammed a bit in a glass.
If the tap water is free of calcite, you might have to offer them some burned egg-shells, as the calcite is important for their exoskeleton.
You might see an exoskeleton, looking like a "ghost", from time to time. Leave it, as they will eat it later, and recycle the minerals.
Besides from the female are "bearing"; carrying their eggs underneath the back-body, attached to the swimming-legs, the females tend to be more colourful.

                   One day old shrimp. 1,6 mm + tentacles - and part of my index finger.

This "ghost" is just the exoskeleton. They eat it within a week.

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