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Pachyrhizus tuberosus

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30 centimetre caudex.

Author:  Curtius P.J. Sprengel, 1827
Origin:  Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela
Soil:  Mix
Water:  Medium
Sun:  Medium
Thickness:  30 Centimetres
Height:  6 Meters
Flower:  White - Deep Violet
Propagate:  Seeds/Cuttings/Roots
Names:  Yam Bean, Potato Bean, Jicama
Synonyms:  Dolichous tuberosus, Lamarck, 1786.
Cacara tuberosa
Britton, 1924.
Stizolobium tuberosum
Spreng, 1826

This member of the Fabaceae family was given this name by Curtius Polycarp Joachim Sprengel in 1827. It is found in Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela - and spread as a crop to Asia.. It grows in well drained soil with some water and some sun. The vines will climb for six meters, the eatable caudex grow up to 30 centimetres in diameter. The flowers are white to yellow.

The genera name from Greek pachys; 'thick' and Greek rhiza; 'root' for the thick tuberous roots. The species name for its swollen roots.

The plant is grown as a crop in both Americas and Asia. The leaves and caudex used for food, the seed for poisons fish by fishermen.

Photo by World Agroforestry Center

Long tuber. Photo from The Department of Ecology, Copenhagen University.