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Monadenium rubellum

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Author: Susan Carter, 1987
Origin:  Kenya
Soil:  Mix
Water:  Medium
Sun:  Medium
Thickness:  6 Centimetres
Height:  30 Centimetres
Flower:  Pink
Propagate:  Seeds/Cuttings
Names:  Red Monadenium
Synonyms:  Monadenium montanum var. rubellum Bally, 1959 .
Might be: Euphorbia neorubella,
Bruyns, 2006.

This member of the Euphorbiaceae was given this name by Susan Carter in 1987. It is found in the Kenya, growing in a well drained soil with some water and not too much sun. The caudex will get up to six centimetres in diameter, the stems will reach for 30 centimetres height. The flowers are pale or dark pink, and the plant can be reproduced by cuttings as well.

The genera name from the Greek monos; 'one' and -aden; 'gland', referring to the solitary gland. The species name means 'a little bit red; pale red' for the flowers.