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NEWS 2023

New plants?     Please e-mail me names!     So far: 1934 plants.

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8/9 A new book! Second Expanded Edition Pachyforms, Philippe de Vosjoli. Finally, a new Caudiciform book have arrived. Phillippe de Vosjoli have given us a wishing list with manuals in his latest book: Second Expanded Edition PACHYFORMS. ISBN 978-0-9912816-3-3. Along with so much information and guidance, it contains a waste amount of photos, some from collections, some from the wild. Growing tips, explanations and much more. I can highly recommend it – unless you try to get rite of the Caudiciform-addiction.
11/8 A single new plant; Dracaena caboverdeana.
7/6 Two new botanical gardens: Seoul Botanical Garden KR and Kyoto Botanical Gardens J. I found none worth mention in Saudi Arabia, but quite some wild plants.
11/3 Thanks to Phill Crooker: Symphytum officinale and its family: BORAGINACEAE.