The Class of
 I. V. Newman, N. Z. Science Congress, 154, 1947. = Polypodiopsida  

Kingdom  Plantae - Plants
 Subkingdom  Tracheobionta - Vascular plants         
    Division   Pteridophyta - Ferns
    Class   Filicopsida
      Order   Hydropteridales
        Family   Azollaceae - Azolla  Family
        Family   Marsileaceae - Water-clover  Family
        Family   Salviniaceae - Floating Fern  Family
      Order   Marattiales
        Family   Marattiaceae - Vessel Fern  Family
      Order   Ophioglossales
        Family   Ophioglossaceae - Adder's-tongue 
      Order   Polypodiales
        Family   Anemiaceae - Flowering Fern  Family

        Family   Aspleniaceae - Spleenwort  Family
        Family   Blechnaceae - Chain Fern  Family

        Family   Cyatheaceae - Tree Fern  Family
        Family   Dennstaedtiaceae - Bracken Fern 

        Family   Dicksoniaceae - Tree Fern  Family
        Family   Dryopteridaceae - Wood Fern  Family

        Family  Gleicheniaceae - Forking Fern  Family
        Family   Grammitidaceae - Kihi Fern  Family

        Family   Hymenophyllaceae - Filmy Fern 
        Family   Lophosoriaceae - Diamond-leaf Fern 

        Family   Lygodiaceae - Climbing Fern  Family
        Family   Osmundaceae - Royal Fern  Family

        Family   Parkeriaceae - Water Fern  Family
        Family   Polypodiaceae - Polypody  Family
            Genus  Lecanopteris
             Species  crustacea
mirabilis Part of Taxonomy Collection
            Genus  Solanopteris

        Family   Pteridaceae - Maidenhair Fern  Family
        Family   Schizaeaceae - Curly-grass  Family
        Family   Thelypteridaceae - Marsh Fern  Family
        Family   Vittariaceae - Shoestring Fern  Family

There are around 12.000 members of the Filicopsida Class, 
divided into four orders with a total of 24 families.