Other Gardens, Collections and Nurseries

The Eden Project is made in an old quarry. The share size of the biomers are breathtaking, but the plants inside is not that interesting, seen either from a caudiciforms enthusiast nor a botanist. However, it is a great experience to walk around these huge "bobbles" filled with green plants. 2016. A slideshow with more photos.

Here are a biomer with Mediterranean plants from around the world - determined by climate.
 The larger house is tropical rainforest.

The rain forest seen from above.

The Mediterranean biomer have a few cacti!

And a little village?

Many plants are chosen for their flowers.

And some are are mixed into the beds.

Quite some of the plants are crops.

The rainforest is intense.

They even found room for an Indonesian hut.

Here are a lot of Amorphophallus titanum. Some with leaves, some in different stages of flowering and some with seeds.

Dioscorea cayenensis.

Rainforest biomer.

Here are room for some big features.

The garden outside the biomes are divided into  many areas. Some with crops, some with pretty  plants and flowers.

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