Other Gardens, Collections and Nurseries

RHS Wisley Garden is not a classic botanical garden, more a flower park. But they do have a huge amount of botanical plants and their names are displayed. And it does look absolutely fantastic! I enjoyed it in 2016.
Much more photos in a slideshow.

Besides from the huge areas with beds and other garden features, here are large
greenhouses with different climates.

Some plants are permanently grown in the beds. Others are grown out back, and brought in when they
are at their best.

Many succulents.

Actually; a lot!

Dense, but well maintained.

Huge amount of species.

So pristine maintained.

Huge houses out-back to produce the show plants.

Large complex of glasshouses.

The huge and absolutely breath taking rockery.

You can spend a day at it, and still discover new plants and angels.

Well, I did...

A small but real nice bonsai collection.

The Alpine collection is in a league of it own!

Grown somewhere else, and brought here when in flower.

Grown here.

Huge areas with flowering plants.

A lot of flowering plants!

And a large formal garden too.

Site:  RHS.org.uk/gardens/wisley