Other Gardens, Collections and Nurseries

Located in the southern Germany, Albert and Johanna Plapp have this fantastic cacti nursery. They only sell Kakteen-plapp.de/, but I was lucky enough to visit them in 2018. I have seen many nurseries around the world, and this is surely one of the finest.

The plants are produced by seeds, and here is a huge motherplant collection.

No weed at all, pristine keep all the the way.

So many species, all in perfect state.

Besides from the cacti, here are many caudiciforms.

Some big, some small, and grown from seeds.

Personally, I have never seen this cacti before.

Mother plants in front.


Hard not to buy some!

Endless tables like this.

Way better than most botanical gardens.

A new project in their huge garden.

Will be awesome, when the plants gain size!

Site: Kakteen-plapp.de/