Other Gardens, Collections and Nurseries

The Mountain Botanical Gardens in Daman, 80 kilometers from Kathmandu was probably made by the English, many years ago. The main subject is plants from the ultra north of India; Sikkim. The altitude of 2322 meters are perfect for that. It might once have been a magnificent botanical collection, but lack of maintenance have made its mark. That said, it is still one of the most special gardens I have seen. The setting is awesome, in a huge, south facing gorge, and with the most perfect view to the Himalayas one can imagine. It comprise over 78 hectares of mainly forest. In February to Marts, the national flower; the Rhododendron is in flower, and both the Garden, but also the entire area have a lot of them. I was here in 2014 - in wintertime.

The Himalayas are close.

Within the rather open orchid house.

The upper part of the gorge.

Some of the greenhouses.

Within one greenhouses.

Within an other.

Part of the central part.

A huge part is wild forest, containing many interesting plants, like orchids.

The ever present mountains.

The national flower; Rhododendron arboreum was in full flower when I visited in early February.

Guess the summer will bring more plants.

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