Botanischer Garten der TU Dresden
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This lovely botanical garden covers an area of 3,25 hectares and have around 10.000 species on display. It dates back to 1815. I visited in 2012. More photos can be found on
Botanischer Garten der TU Dresden.

Outside, an well maintained garden is found.

Here are numerous  trees, sitting wooden barrows.

Several small ponds add to the cozy atmosphere.

Large Opuntia collection outside. All survived last winter with eight weeks below -20C

Although I were here a bit late in the year, the annual garden was still impressive.

The tropical house have a large Victoria and many other beautiful floating plants.

The subtropics house is a jungle, but well kept.

Rare seen collection of aquatic plants - real well maintained!

Personally, I love these terrariums for displaying plants.

Several Myrmecodias.

Here are just so many plants in a rather small area - but maintained so perfectly.

Nice flowering Hylocereus undatus.

The very nice cacti house.

A massive Cyphostemma juttae.

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