Other Gardens, Collections and Nurseries

The Botanical Garden of Aarhus is actually a public park next to the university. However, here are quite some  greenhouses, and plenty of name-tags. I was here around 2017. A slideshow with additional photos.

It is sorted by origin and climate, forming some nice "landscapes" .

The cacti & succulent area are fare from the nicer ones.

It look like it have just been thrown in.

Their caudiciforms (all three), are dormant although it is in the middle of the summer
 (they are not dead, just sleeping - or not).

Other areas are real nice and well maintained.

South America.

The park outside the greenhouses are real nice.

It is again mainly biomers, but real lovely to walk around in.

It does look so much more entreating, when you are there.

The large rock-beads are beautiful.

Several ponds and lakes make a great landscape.

Site: Sciencemuseerne.dk/botanisk-have/