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 Peperomia retusa


Author:   Albert Gottfried Dietrich 1831
Family:  Peperomiaceae
Habitat:   Southern South Africa
Soil:   Peat
Water:   Medium-Maximum
Sun:   Minimum-Medium
Thickness:  3 millimetres
Height:  5-15 centimetres
Flower:   Green
Reproduction:   Seeds/Cuttings
Common Names:   -
Synonyms:  Piper retusum L. f. 1782. Peperomia mannii Hook. f. ex C. DC. 1864. Peperomia retusa var. ciliolata C. DC. 1869. Peperomia bachmannii C. DC. 1894. Peperomia ulugurensis Engl. 1894. Peperomia tenuispica C. DC. 1911. Peperomia gracilipetiolata De Wild. 1920. Peperomia subdichotoma De Wild. 1920. Peperomia retusa var. bachmannii (C. DC.) Düll 1973.
Got it from:   Montague Pass, George, South Africa
Year:   2007

   This tiny member of the Peperomaiceae family was given this name by Albert Gottfried Dietrich in 1831. It is found in high altitude forest in Northern Province, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape and Western Cape, growing in a rich peat with some to lots of water and little to some sun.

Kingdom SubKingdom SuperDivision Division SubDivision Class SubClass SuperOrder Order Family Genus Species
PLANTAE Tracheophyta Spermatophytes Magnoliophyta Magnoliophytina




Piperales Peperomiaceae Peperomia retusa