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Bursera fagaroides

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What I hope mine will become - in 30 years...

The tiny flowers are crème

Photo by Ivan Cupic who found it at Kibutz Yotvata, Israel. Probably this species.

Photo by Ivan Cupic who found it at Kibutz Yotvata, Israel. Probably this species.

Author: Heinrich Gustav Adolf Engler, 1883
Origin:  NW. Mexico, Florida S. Arizona
Soil:  Mix
Water:  Medium
Sun:  Medium
Thickness:  30 Centimetres
Height:  8 Meters
Flower:  Crème / Greenish
Propagate:  Seeds/Cuttings
Names:  Elephant tree
Synonyms:  Bursera covillei, Engl.
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This member of the Burseraceae family was described by Heinrich Gustav Adolf Engler in 1883. It is found in the north-western part of Mexico, and up to Arizona. It is growing in well-drained soil with little water and lots of sun. The stem can grow to 30 centimetres or more in diameter, and it will reach up to eight meters in height. The flowers are crème to greenish in colour, and the plant can be reproduced both by the small red seeds and by cuttings. 

The genera is named after: Joachim Burser, German/Danish botanist,1583-1639. The species name means 'looking like Fagara' a genera in the Rutaceae.

 The fruits bordeaux.

Bursera fagaroides f. bourgeauana, Engl.
Bursera fagaroides f. crenulata, Engl.
Bursera fagaroides
f. elliptica, Engl.
Bursera fagaroides var. elongata, McVaugh & Rzed.
Bursera fagaroides var. purpusii, (Brandegee) McVaugh & Rzed.
Bursera fagaroides f. ramosissima, Engl.
Bursera lonchophylla, Sprague & L.Riley
Bursera obovata, Turcz.
Bursera odorata, Brandegee
Bursera purpusii, Brandegee
Bursera schaffneri, S.Watson
Bursera tenuifolia, Rose
Elaphrium covillei, Rose
Elaphrium fagaroides, Kunth
Elaphrium lonchophyllum, (Sprague & L.Riley) J.G.Ortega
Elaphrium obovatum, (Turcz.) Rose
Elaphrium odoratum, (Brandegee) Rose
Elaphrium purpusii, (Brandegee) Rose
Elaphrium schaffneri, (S.Watson) Rose
Elaphrium tenuifolium, Rose
Terebinthus odorata, (Brandegee) Rose
Terebinthus schaffneri, (S.Watson) Rose
Amyris fagaroides, Spreng.
Amyris ventricosa, La Llave ex Schltdl.