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Ariocarpus fissuratus Panos & Stavros
Ceropegia bulbosa Soumen Aditya
Ceropegia hirsuta Soumen Aditya
Commiphora caudata Soumen Aditya
Dioscorea sansibarensis Panos & Stavros
Euphorbia ankarensis Ferdinand Poilodan
Euphorbia decidua Panos & Stavros
Euphorbia primulifolia Panos & Stavros
Jatropha maheshwarii Soumen Aditya
Muscari graecum Panos & Stavros
Obetia ficifolia Clément Duret
Pachypodium gracilius Ferdinand Poilodan
Pancratium maritimum Panos & Stavros
Pseudolithos eylensis Pedro
Pseudolithos cubiformis Panos & Stavros
Seyrigia multiflora Panos & Stavros
Xerosicyos danguyi Panos & Stavros