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Squamellaria vanuatuensis

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Author:  M.H.P. Jebb & C.R. Huxley, 2016
Origin:  Vanuatu Archipelago
Soil:  Epiphytic
Water:  Maximum
Sun:  Medium
Thickness:  40 Centimetres
Height:  80 Centimetres
Flower:  White
Propagate:  Seeds
Names:  -
Synonyms:  -

This member of the Rubiaceae family was given this name by Matthew H.P. Jebb and Camilla Rose Huxley in 2016. It is found on five islands in the Vanuatu archipelago; Erromango island, Efate island, Maewo island, Pentecost island and Espiritu Santo Island, growing on the stems of the trees with plenty water and some sun. The caudex can grow to 40 centimetres in diameter, the entire plant to 80 centimetres in height. The flowers are white.

The genera name refers to the presence of fringed scales, or squamellae, which are produced within the petals in some species. The species name is for its geographic distribution on Vanuatu.

It differs from the other species in the genus by the presence of dense triangular papery bracts around inflorescences with minute flowers.

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