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Ledebouria revoluta

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Author: John Peter Jessop, 1970
Origin:  Angola, Botswana, Chad, Eritrea, Eswatini, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Yemen
Soil:  Mix
Water:  Maximum
Sun:  Medium
Thickness:  6 Centimetres
Height:  15 Centimetres
Flower:  Purple
Propagate:  Seeds/Bulbs
Names:  Common Ledebouria
Synonyms:  Hyacinthus revolutus, Carl Linaeus, 1782.
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This member of the Hyacinthaceae family was given this name by John Peter Jessop in 1970. It is found in southern and eastern Africa along with India, growing in well-drained soil with lots of water and some sun. The bulb will grow up to six centimetres, the leaves up to fifteen centimetres. The flowers are purple.

The genera is named after Prof. Dr. Carl F. von Ledebour, 1785-1851, a German-Estonian botanist. The species name means 'rolled back' from margins or apex.

*)Accordantly to the latest taxonomic system; APG IV 2016, Hyacinthaceae is now part of the Asparagaceae.

Barnardia indica Wight
Drimia acuminata G.Lodd. ex J.Forbes
Drimia bifolia (Hochst. ex A.Rich.) Schweinf.
Drimia brevifolia Baker
Drimia lanceifolia (Jacq.) Ker Gawl.
Drimia longipedunculata Sweet
Drimia revoluta (L.f.) Sweet
Hyacinthus revolutus L.f.
Lachenalia lanceifolia Jacq.
Lachenalia maculata Tratt.
Ledebouria hyacinthina Roth
Ledebouria sickenbergeri (Deflers) Speta
Ledebouria yemenensis (Deflers) Speta
Phalangium revolutum (L.f.) Pers.
Phalangium spicatum Poir.
Scilla carnosula van der Merwe
Scilla chiovendae Cufod.
Scilla hyacinthina (Roth) J.F.Macbr.
Scilla indica (Wight) Baker
Scilla lanceifolia (Jacq.) Baker
Scilla livida Baker
Scilla maculata (Tratt.) Schrank
Scilla maculata Baker
Scilla moschata Schönland
Scilla neumannii Engl.
Scilla revoluta (L.f.) Baker
Scilla richardiana Buchinger ex Baker
Scilla sickenbergeri Deflers
Scilla spathulata Baker
Scilla yemensis Deflers
Sugillaria lanceifolia (Jacq.) Salisb.
Xeodolon revolutum (L.f.) Salisb.
Hypoxis violacea Schult. & Schult.f.
Melanthium hyacinthium B.Heyne ex Roth