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Apodanthera undulata

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Photo of Apodanthera undulata var. australis by Pedro Tenorio Lezama.

Photo of A. u. var. australis by Pedro Tenorio Lezama.

Author: Asa Gray, 1853
Origin:  Sonora Desert; Mexico, US; Arizona, New Mexico, Texas
Soil:  Mix
Water:  Medium
Sun:  Maximum
Thickness:  1 Meter
Height:  2,5 Meters
Flower:  Yellow
Propagate:  Seeds/(Root Cuttings?)
Names:  Wild Cucurbit, Coyote Melon. Loco Melon, Melon-loco
Synonyms:  Might be: Apodanthera undulata var. australis, McVaugh. 2001.
Apodanthera aspera
, CÚlestin Alfred Cogniaux, 1876. (=Apodanthera buraeavi Cogn. 1876+ Apodanthera galeotti Cogn. 1876.)

This member of the Cucurbitaceae family was described by Asa Gray in 1853. It is found in the Sonora Desert, from Arizona to Mexico and north of Southern America, growing in a well drained soil with some water and lots of sun. The crawling vines will reach for two and a half meters, the caudex can grow up to one meter in diameter. The flowers are yellow. Young plants don't flower, then they start with male flowers, and old plants have female flowers. The plant can be reproduced by seeds and maybe by root cuttings.

The genera name is from Greek apodos; 'wirhout a foot' and Greek antheros; 'flowering' for the sessile flowers. The species name referring is to the edges of the leaves.

The roots by Wojciech Maksymilian Szymanski