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Adenia metamorpha

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Author: David John Hearn, 2007
Origin:  Ankarana Reserve, Madagascar
Soil:  Limestone Gravel
Water:  Medium
Sun:  Medium - Maximum
Thickness:  30 Centimetres
Height:  10 Metres
Flower:  ?
Propagate:  Seeds
Names:  -
Synonyms:  -

This member of the Passifloraceae family was given this name by David John Hearn in 2007. It is found in the Ankarana Reserve, south-eastern Madagascar, growing in the limestone gravel with some water and some to lots of sun. The caudex can grow to 30 centimetres in diameter, the entire plant eventually to 10 metres in height.

The name Adenia is derived from aden, meaning gland, and pertains to the glands found on leaves of most of the species. The species name metamorpha is suggestive of the radical metamorphosis in leaf shape and plant habit. It start with a round sub terrain caudex as a little bush, but develop a  thin cylindrical trunk with vines by age.