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Part B
Thanks to Urs Eggli and his great book: Illustrated Handbook of Succulent Plants; Dicotyledons, I have found some new plants (but I do lack photos of some): Neorautanenia amboensis, Neorautanenia ficifolia, Operculicarya hirsutissima, Crassothonna protecta, Othonna cakilefolia, Othonna intermedia, Othonna papaveroides, Solanecio tuberosus, Commiphora cervifolia, Commiphora dinteri, Commiphora oblanceolata, Ipomoea ommannei, Ipomoea oenotheroides, Ipomoea pellita, Ipomoea robertsiana, Ipomoea simplex, Ipomoea suffruticosa, Cucumis cinereus, Cucumis kalahariensis, Kedrostis psammophila, Momordica spinosa, Seyrigia bosseri, Seyrigia marnieri, Seyrigia napifera, Euphorbia alfredii, Euphorbia aureoviridiflora, Euphorbia orbiculifolia, Jatropha afrotuberosa, Jatropha botswanica, Jatropha dioica, Jatropha dissecta, Jatropha giffordiana, Jatropha moranii, Jatropha nana, Jatropha pachyrrhiza, Monadenium goetzei, Monadenium nervosum, Delonix velutina, Dolichos sericeus, Plant # 1800: Erythrina baumii, Tylosema argenteum, Tylosema humifusum, Dorstenia socotrana, Dorstenia tenuiradiata, Moringa pygmaea, Adenia erecta, Adenia hondala, Adenia metriosiphon and Adenia pulchra.
3/5 Thanks to Soumen Aditya: A new plant; Adenia wilmsii, and while I was at it; Adenia huillensis.
7/4 I've been correcting a depressingly large amount of typing errors and other mistakes the last month, which have been dominated by server-problems.
2/3 All plant-pages have been updated with the most recent synonyms, more detailed country-listing and 170 additional photos added.
Three months, full-time work have come to an end, updating the caudiciform pages; around 800 hours.
And just for fun: The Compost Pile which have
shrunken the menus.
10/2New plants: Encephalartos eugene-maraisii, Encephalartos middelburgensis, Encephalartos msinganus and Encephalartos senticosus.
No more new pages for now (unless it should be with skinny plants, endless bulbs or without any photos).
Any good ideas are so welcome!
The next three weeks or so, I will update synonyms, basionyms and alike with 1000s of names, more detailed distribution listing, and a few 100 new photos, to the existing pages.
9/2New plants: Encephalartos dyerianus, Encephalartos laevifolius, Encephalartos lebomboensis and Encephalartos manikensis.
8/2 New plants: Ceratozamia aurantiaca, Ceratozamia hildae, Ceratozamia latifolia, Ceratozamia robusta Cycas desolata and Cycas papuana.
7/2 New plants: Brachychiton populneus, Talinum arnotii, Cavanillesia platanifolia, Tropaeolum tricolor and Clerodendrum inerme.
6/2 New plants: Scrophularia nodosa, Smilax rotundifolia, Smilax scobinicaulis, Smilax smallii and Anisodus luridus.
5/2 New ferns: Lecanopteris balgooyi, Lecanopteris darnaedii, Lecanopteris holttumii, Lecanopteris luzonensis and Lecanopteris spinosa.
4/2 New plants: Oxalis tuberosa, Ficaria verna, Petopentia undulata, Phytolacca americana and Microgramma brunei.
3/2 New plants: Oxalis articulata, Oxalis debilis, Oxalis nelsonii, Oxalis perennans and Oxalis tetraphylla.
2/2 New plants: Tinospora cordifolia, Tinospora crispa, Nolina matapensis, Nolina nelsonii and Nolina parryi.
1/2 New plants: Ceiba ventricosa, Jateorhiza palmata, Stephania abyssinica, Stephania glabra and Stephania kaweesakii.
31/1 New plants: Cochliasanthus caracalla, Fritillaria chitralensis, Fritillaria sewerzowi, Pholisma culiacana and Abelmoschus manihot.
30/1 New plants: Macleania pentaptera, Macleania rupestris, Plant # 1700: Macleania salapa, Cnidoscolus angustidens and Pachyrhizus ahipa.
29/1 New plants: Citrullus colocynthis, Marah gilensis, Dasylirion serratifolium, Dasylirion acrotrichum and Jatropha erythropoda.
28/1 New plants: Ruehssia hilarian, Ruehssia megalantha, Gerrardanthus tomentosus, Gynostemma pentaphyllum and Thladiantha dubia.
27/1 New plants: Pseudobombax septenatum, Cyphia erecta, Cyphia phyteuma, Cyanotis caespitosa and Cyanotis angusta.
26/1 New plants: Gymnospermium albertii, Gymnospermium darwasicum, Gymnospermium peloponnesiacum, Cochlospermum palmatifidum and Bryonia alba.
25/1 New plants: Othonna quercifoli, Impatiens charisma, Impatiens cinnabarina, Impatiens gomphophylla and Maerua subcordata.
24/1 New plants: Matelea congestiflora, Pentagonanthus caeruleus, Raphionacme borenensis, Raphionacme dyeri, Raphionacme haeneliae and Raphionacme vignei.
23/1 New plants: Cibirhiza dhofarensis, Cibirhiza spiculata, Cynanchum bungei, Cynanchum wilfordii and Fockea sinuata.
22/1 New plants: Mandevilla atroviolacea, Mandevilla sanderi, Mandevilla velutina, Aristolochia indica and Aristolochia rotunda.
21/1 New plants: Eriospermum subincanum, Eriospermum subtile,
Eriospermum undulatum, Eriospermum vermiforme and Cussonia arenicola.
20/1 New plants: Eriospermum eriophorum, Eriospermum lammarginatum, Eriospermum laxiracemosum, Eriospermum marginatum and Eriospermum ratelpoortianum.
19/1 New bulbs: Lachenalia pygmaea, Strumaria massoniella, Strumaria phonolithica, Strumaria speciosa and Strumaria undulata.
18/1 New bulbs: Strumaria aestivalis, Strumaria barbariae, Strumaria discifera, Strumaria hardyana and Strumaria leipoldtii.
17/1 New bulbs: Hessea breviflora, Hessea cinnamomea, Hessea incana, Hessea speciosa and Hessea undosa.
16/1 New bulbs: Gethyllis lanuginosa, Gethyllis longistyla, Gethyllis multifolia, Gethyllis spiralis and Gethyllis undulata.
15/1 New bulbs: Gethyllis afra, Gethyllis barkerae, Gethyllis campanulata, Gethyllis ciliaris and Gethyllis heinzeana.
14/1 New bulbs: Hippeastrum formosissimum, Namaquanula bruynsii, Nerine undulata, Haemanthus amarylloides, Haemanthus carneus and Haemanthus lanceifolius.
13/1 New bulbs: Gethyllis hallii, Gethyllis linearis, Gethyllis villosa, Zephyranthes cuyana and Haemanthus barkerae.
12/1 New plants: Ledebouria atropurpurea, Eriospermum bowieanum, Eriospermum capense, Eriospermum erinum and Griffinia liboniana.
11/1 New bulbs: Moraea sisyrinchium, Ornithogalum rigidifolium, Drimia ciliata and Strumaria bidentata.
10/1 New bulbs: Cyrtanthus obliquus, Cyrtanthus smithiae, Plant # 1600: Daubenya aurea and Trachyandra tortilis.
9/1 New plants: Encephalartos arenarius, Encephalartos princeps, Adenia penangiana, Chasmanthe aethiopica and Cearia amboinensis.
8/1 New plants: Epicycas siamensis, Amorphophallus rayongii, Boswellia bullata and Aloidendron barberae.
7/1 New bulbs: Ornithogalum setosum, Ornithogalum rosulatum Nicipe lithopsoides and Nicipe nanodes.
5/1 Two new plants: Dorstenia horwoodii and Lannea schweinfurthii.
2/1 And a few more: Commiphora baluensis, Hymenodictyon parvifolium, Hymenodictyon kaokoensis and Cissus duparquetii.
1/1 Lets start the year with three new plants: Euphorbia ramiglans, Amorphophallus gallaensis and Ficus thonningii.