NEWS 2017

New plants?: Please send names!
 New photos and information are uploaded on existing pages without notes. 



31/12 News 2018
25/11 And a new  plant: Adenia viridiflora
26/10 And a new  plant: Squamellaria vanuatuensis although I fail to find a picture
16/7 And a new  plant: Steganotaenia araliacea
14/7 A new botanical garden - with way too little caudiciforms: Aarhus Botanical Garden
And a new - slightly skinny - plant: Zamia poeppigiana
14/6 Two new plant: Boswellia dioscoridis and Commiphora unilobata
28/5 A new plant: Ibervillea millspaughii
25/3 A new plant: Cissus sicyoides
23/2 Two new, not that exiting botanical gardens: Taipei Botanical Garden TAI and Kenting Forest CAM
22/2 A new antplant; Squamellaria wilsonii
1/1 THE OLD NEWS 2016