NEWS 2014 

New plants?: Please send names!
 New photos and information are uploaded on existing pages without notes. 



31/12 New News 2015
11/10 New bulbs: Cyrtanthus galpinii, Lachenalia minima and Gethyllis britteniana.
16/8 New Pelargoniums: Pelargonium spinosum, Pelargonium pilosellifolium, Pelargonium stipulaceum, Pelargonium torulosum  and Pelargonium triandrum.
12/8 New Pelargoniums: Pelargonium quarciticola, Pelargonium pinnatum, Pelargonium ochroleucum, Pelargonium aridicola, Pelargonium pulverulentum,  and Pelargonium parviflorum.
19/7 New caudiciforms, although photos regrettably don't seem to be found at present: Myrmephytum moniliforme, Myrmecodia alata, Myrmecodia archboldiana, Pelargonium hirtipetalum and Pelargonium nephrophyllum.
18/7 New caudiciforms: Anthorrhiza echinella, Myrmephytum naumannii, Myrmephytum selebicum and Squamellaria thekii.
15/7 New caudiciforms: Anthorrhiza camilla, Anthorrhiza chrysacantha, Anthorrhiza stevensii. Hydnophytum kajewskii Myrmecodia brassii and Myrmecodia lamii
13/7 New caudiciform: Myrmecodia jobiensis.
28/6 New caudiciform: Pelargonium petroselinifolium.
3/4 New caudiciform: Pelargonium reflexipetalum.
16/2 Brand new caudiciform: Pelargonium pachypodium
9/2 New caudiciforms: Bryonia syriaca and Pelargonium moniliforme.
15/1 New caudiciforms from Ryan Geisecke: Cucurbita cordata
13/1 New bulb from the Asian Swamps: Crinum asiaticum
10/1 New caudiciforms: Cucurbita digitata
9/1 New caudiciforms: Cucurbita foetidissima
4/1 Two new botanical gardens: PERADENIYA ROYAL BOTANICAL GARDENS and HAKGALA BOTANICAL GARDEN. Not much with caudiciforms to do...
1/1 THE OLD NEWS 2013