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28/12 The new news 2004.
28/12 Made 2-3000 spelling corrections, mainly on the subs.
24/12 New plants:Oxalis megalorrhiza.
17/12 New plants:Haemanthus deformis.
13/12 New plants:Brighamia roickii.
12/12 New plants: Iridodictyum reticulatum and Bombax aquaticum.
6/12 New plants: Aloe suzannnae on  RIKKE´S PLANTS and Haemanthus deformis
27/11 New plants: Amoreuxia wrightii, Barringtonia asiatica, Erythrophysa alata, Melandrium virginicum and Zamioculcas zamiifolia.
18/11 New plant: Macrozamia miquelii.
15/11 New plants:Delonix decaryi, Delonix pumila, Nolina beldingii and Talinum palmeri .
7/11 New plant:Pelargonium quinquelobatum.
2/11 New plant:Protasparagus racemosus.
30/10 New info: Winter-grower, all year-growers, late dormant in the button of  YEAR .
28/10 New pages:Cissus opaca, Pereskia sacharosa, Trachymene incisa and Zehneria cunninghamii.
22/10 New pages: Where are the caudiciforms from.
20/10 New pages:Cyphostemma sandersonii.
19/10 New plant:Clerodendron ugandense.
19/10 New plants: Neoalsomitra sarcophylla, Neoalsomitra podagrica, Xerosicyos perrieri.
15/10 New photos from  Argentina , mainly cacti.
9/10 New plants:Chorisia speciosa and Phytolacca dioica
14/9 New plants:Aloe richardsiae and Stathmostelma praetermissum
11/9 New plant:Maerua edulis
6/9 New plants: Brighamia insignis, Entandrophragma caudatum, Mitrophyllum mitratum and Anacampseros alstonii
5/9 New plants: Obetia ficifolia and  Pyrenacantha kaurabassana
19/8 New plant: Jacaratia corumbensis
15/8 03 New plant:  Operculicarya decaryi
14/8 03 Some new photos: Ipo-pla flower, Mat-cyc flower, Mom-ros fruit, Coc-ses femaleflower, Leu-pri flower, Ste-ven fruits, Dio-ele male flower, Dio-syl male flower, Cyp-jut fruit, Ger-mac female flower and fruit.
11/8 03 A few plants died while I was on vecation and change status from "c" to "g" on  CAUDICIFORMS  
22/6 03 Lots of new photos: Plants and flowers.
15/6 03 Lots of new colors and other "fun" on most pages. Nothing serious.
13/6 03 Added a search function:
11/6 03 Got the third star in Cactus-mall.
9/6 03 New plants: Moraea polyanthos, Pachycormus discolor, Peperomia monticola, Bulbine mesembryanthemoides and Anredera baselloides.
8/6 03 New plants: Eriospermum abyssinicum, Eriospermum aphyllum, Othonna hederifolia, Pelargonium auritum and Tylosema fassoglensis.
7/6 03 New plant:Adansonia madagascariensis, Bursera fagaroides, Fouquieria columnaris, Moringa borziana, Pelargonium oblongatum
6/6 03  SLIDE-SHOW  has been up-dated,+  HOLLAND and GERMANY TOUR 
5/6 03 New plants: Dolichos kilimandscharicus, Aeollanthus subacaulis var. linearis, Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus var. albiflorus and Pterocactus tuberosus
4/6 03 New plant: Ledebouria kirkii Sansevieria fischeri, Schizobasis intricata, Cussonia kirkii var. kirkii and Ischnolepis graminifolia
28/5 03 New plant:Elephantorrhiza elephantina
17/5 03 New plants: Psebax ellipticum, Delosperma napiforme, Pachypodium saundersii, and Senecio kleinioides
10/5 03 45 new photos
28/4 03 New plants; Cephalopentandra ecirrhosa, Pterodiscus ngamicus not much info yet.
24/4 03 New plant; Oxygonum dregeanum, not much info yet.
21/4 03 The  SLIDE-SHOW  is up-dated.
19/4 03 32 new photos.
19/4 03 New page: YEAR  Photos of the collection througt the year.
13/4 03 New plants:  Kleinia grantii + Ceropegia woodii + Pachyphytum oviferum + Faucararia tuberculosa
1/4 03 New plant: Dorstenia hildebrandtii  
1/4 03 New feature: Sorted by familys in a sheet:  FAMILIES 
1/4 03 New plant:Erythrina zeyheri  
30/3 03 New plants:Begonia dregei var. dregei, Uncarina grandidieri, Matelea cyclophylla, Leuchtenbergia principis, Drimiopsis maculata  
29/3 03 New photos of: Agapetes serpens, Dioscorea sylvatica, Coccinia sessilifolia flower, Bowiea volubilis flower, Lannea sp. Welwitschia mirabilis, Plectranthus ernstii, Dorstenia gigas flower, Pyrenacantha malvifolia, Zygosicyos tripartitus, Impatiens tuberosa.
23/3 03 New plant:Juncus effusus
23/3 03 Spring in Danmark Photo 1 photo 2
22/3 03 New plants:Ficus microcarpa + Syngonanthus sp.
20/3 03 New plant:Trichodiadema bulbosum.
18/3 03 Lager fonts and "H" in AUTHOR on all sub-pages.
13/3 03 Icon on the pages: A small caudiciform  
1/3 03 Triple speed on the Taxonomy-pages.
25/2 03 More info on sub-pages: Oxalis carnosa, Harpagophytum procumbens, Pterodiscus angustifolius, Pterodiscus luridus, Pterodiscus speciosus, Uncarina roeoesliana,Peperomia campylotropa.
23/2 03 More info on sub-pages: Eriospermum abyssinicum, Eriospermum zeyheri, Erythrina zeyheri, Neorautanenia mitis, Pelargonium antidysentericum, Monsonia multifida, Monsonia peniculina, Pyrenacantha malvifolia, Plectranthus ernestii, Monolena primulif, Moringa oleifera.
22/2 03 More info on sub-pages:Othonna wrinkleana, Impatiens tuberosa, Anredera cordifolia, Tylecodon pearsonii, Tylecodon reticulatus, Dioscorea sylvatica, Agapetes serpens, Macleania insignis.
21/2 03 More info on sub-pages:Sphalmanthus resurgens, Trichodiadema bulbosum, Lomatium hendersonii, Gethyllis namaquensis, Bulbine haworthioides, Othonna cacalioides, Othonna clavifolia. Begonia sonderiana, Pelargonium carnosum, Thladiantha palmatipartita ?
18/2 03 Sub-pages on Rikke´s plants: Agave victoriae-reginae, Crassula ovata, Echeveria lilacina, Echinocereus pectinatus rubispinus, Euphorbia obesa, Ferocactus horridus, Ferocactus herrerae, Melocactus matanzanus
13/2 03 Photos of seeds: Cuc-pal, Ipo-pub, Zeh-sca, Sin-eum, Mom-ros, Tal-caf + Ked-pun.
12/2 03 New plants: Cucurbita palmata + Ipomoea pubescens +Sinningia eumorpha
8/2 03 New photos of Rikke´s plants +  Two new: Crassula ovata + Kalanehoe hybrid
1/2 03 Finaly name on "Ipomoea sp": Mirabilis jalapa.
1/2 03 New plant: Zehneria scabra
30/1 03 Finaly (?!)Beaucarnea/Calibanus it put to rest in the Nolinaceae family.
29/1 03 Talinum "natalensis" finaly got its right name. T caffrum
26/1 03 New photos of Coccinia trilobata, winter-down-cuts, Welwitschia seedling & Xerosicyos tripartitus.
21/1 03 My Welwitschia mirabilis has germinated!
19/1 03 New plant: Albuca spiralis
16/1 03 Remowed 3  taxonomy-pages. Same info as on  FULL_TAXONOMY 
15/1 03 New plants: Sinninia bulbosa S. iarea
12/1 03 New page:  INTRO  . What do I mean by caudiciforms.
9/1 03 Additional info on 20 sub-pages. Ie: Adansonia gregorii
7/1 03 Turbo on the  FULL_TAXONOMY pages
5/1 03 Petopentia natalensis has moved from Asclepiadaceae to Periploceceae
2/1 03 New plant: Cyclamen persicum . Lay-out changes
1/1 03 New plants: Hydnophytum formicarum , Welwitschia mirabilis , Cissus tuberosa
1/1 2003 The old news 2002.