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31/12 The new news in 2021
31/12 More explanations on the Latin names - almost done.
30/12 More explanations on the Latin names.
29/12 More explanations on the Latin names.
28/12 More explanations on the Latin names.
27/12 More explanations on the Latin names.
26/12 More explanations on the Latin names.
25/12 More explanations on the Latin names.
24/12 A new plant: Faucaria gratiae.
More explanations on the Latin names.
23/12 More explanations on the Latin names.
22/12 More explanations on the Latin names.
21/12 A new page: Soldanella alpina.
More explanations on the Latin names.
20/12 Added the last additional photos on the old pages for this time.
19/12 More photos on older pages.
18/12 More photos on older pages.
17/12 New pages: Myrmecodia schlechteri, Myrmecodia angustifolia, Myrmecodia sterrophylla, Myrmecodia pteroaspida, Myrmecodia melanacantha and Myrmecodia beccarii.
16/12 New pages: Myrmecodia kutubuensis, Myrmecodia erinacea, Myrmecodia pendens, Myrmecodia horrida, Myrmecodia gracilispina and Myrmecodia oblongata.
More photos on older pages.
15/12  More photos on older pages.
14/12  More photos on older pages.
13/12 New pages: Arracacia xanthorrhiza and Smallanthus sonchifolius. More photos on older pages.
12/12 More photos on older pages. More explanations on the Latin names.
11/12 More photos on older pages. More explanations on the Latin names.
10/12 More photos on older pages. More explanations on the Latin names.
9/12 More photos on older pages.
8/12 More photos on older pages.
7/12 More photos on older pages.
4/12 More photos on older pages.
3/12 More photos on older pages.
2/12 New pages: Coccinia abyssinica and Ceropegia nallamalayana. More photos on others.
1/12 New pages: Ceropegia matthewiana, Ceropegia remota, Ceropegia saldanhae, Ceropegia vartakii, Ceropegia ananthapuramensis and Ceropegia megamalayana. More photos on others.
30/11 New pages: Ceropegia rapinatiana, Ceropegia annamacharyae, Ceropegia modestantha, Ceropegia oiantha, Ceropegia pachypodium, Ceropegia tenella and Ceropegia mahajanii.
28/11 New pages: Brachystelma gondwanense, Brachystelma shrirangii, Brachystelma stenophyllum, Brachystelma tanzaniensis, Ceropegia campanuliformis, Ceropegia discoidea,  and Ceropegia minor.
27/11 New pages: Baijiania borneensis, Ceropegia elliptica, Ceropegia floribundior, Ceropegia incana and Apios americana. And quite some more photos.
26/11 Added quite some photos, some information and made two new pages: Anthorrhiza caerulea and Anthorrhiza mitis.
25/11 Added quite some photos and made a new page: Seyrigia humbertii.
21/11 The 35 taxonomy pages that can fit into a narrow smart-phone have been altered.
20/11 The last pages about the maintains of the plants:  Soil   Pots  Pruning  and  The Rest.
19/11 One more pages about the maintains of the plants:  Light , Ventilation  and Temperature - more will follow soon...
18/11 Some new pages about the maintains of the plants: Maintain,  Water  Watering   Nutrition   pH  - more will follow soon...
17/11 350 pages have been more smart-phone friendly.
16/11 In an effort to make these pages more smart-phone-friendly, I have made some changes: The header no longer contain a search field; it is in the drop-down menu, and a new Find page. Some pages are made more narrow, like Sort by Family, A B C pages (and now each letter have a page, added to the 3 different menus), the Drop-Down Menu (which still don't really work well on smart-phones) and many more. Not really happy with the result, but that is what I can manage by now.
11/11 A taxonomic page for the naked-seeds-plants: Gymnosperm. Deleted quite some more pages.
10/11 A new plant: Cayaponia tayuya.
A taxonomic page for the spore-plants: Pteridophyte Phylogeny Group classification of 2016.
9/11 As the DNA studies reveals new relations, my taxonomic tree have changed: APG IV is the latest. I have added the information on the latest changes on i.e. families and 280 other pages.
And that made me wonder: Which plants are actually caudiciforms?
8/11 Today, I have not made pages; I have deleted some! Pages like Synonyms, Sort By Family, Dormant Periods, Technical Terms, Books, Wanted Plants, My History and alike are gone, a total of 15.
7/11 Walleria mackenziei, Tropaeolum hookerianum, Tropaeolum tuberosum, Toxicoscordion fremontii, MELANTHIACEAE, Synandrospadix vermitoxicus, Plant no 1500: Ornithoglossum undulatum,
6/11 Sinningia leopoldii, Sinningia macrophylla, Sinningia muscicola, Sinningia gigantifolia, Sinningia globulosa and  Sinningia harleyi,
5/11 Sinningia aghensis, Sinningia bragae, Sinningia calcaria, Sinningia helleri and Sinningia helioana.
4/11 Cyclamen libanoticum, Cyclamen purpurascens, Cyclamen repandum, Cyclamen rhodium, and Mirabilis multiflora.
3/11 Pholisma sonorae, Pholisma arenarium and the family: LENNOACEAE, Begonia grandis, Begonia homonyma, Huszia octopetala,  and Cyclamen cyprium.
2/11 Sinningia ramboi, Sinningia stapelioides, Cyclamen somalense, Ipomoea pandurata, Mirabilis longiflora and Sinningia tuberosa.
1/11 Begonia sutherlandii, Cyclamen alpinum, Cyclamen balearicum and Cyclamen colchicum
30/10 Impatiens tinctoria, Impatiens rothii, Ceropegia cathcartensis, Ceropegia macmasteri and Begonia geraniifolia.
29/10 Sinningia insularis, Senecio oxyriifolius, Hydnophytum papuanum, Hydnophytum ferrugineum, Hydnophytum forbesii, and Massonia citrina.
28/10 Euphorbia ramena, Haemanthus crispus, Haemanthus namaquensis, Haemanthus sanguineus, Hydnophytum puffii, Massonia jasminiflora, Massonia pygmaea, Othonna furcata and Othonna lepidocaulis.
27/10 Ceropegia chlorozona, Ceropegia coddii, Ceropegia megasepala, Amaryllis grandiflora, Brunsvigia namaquana, Cyphostemma roseiglandulosum, Cyphostemma segmentatum, Urginavia altissima, Monadenium discoideum and Euphorbia pubiglans.
26/10 Raphionacme velutina, Raphionacme hirsuta, Raphionacme lucens, Raphionacme zeyheri, Albuca bracteata, Ornithogalum glutinosum, Coilonox concordianum and Hippeastrum papilio.
23/10 Phemeranthus aurantiacus, Eucrosia eucrosioides, Eucrosia bicolor, Ceropegia schultzei, Ceropegia africana, Raphionacme galpinii and Sinningia bullata.
22/10 Tylecodon nolteei, Euphorbia pseudoglobosa, Astrophytum caput-medusae, Adenia ecirrosa, Ornithogalum humile, Hypoxis villosa and Raphionacme splendens.
21/10 Pterodiscus makatiniensis, Pterodiscus cinnabarinus, Aeollanthus buchnerianus, Plant number 1400: Othonna cremnophila, Crinum stuhlmannii, Ornithogalum donaldsonii, Ornithogalum ecklonii, Jatropha variifolia, Entada leptostachya, Moringa arborea and Moringa rivae.
20/10 Gymnospermium altaicum ,BERBERIDACEAE, Gymnospermium maloi, Anacamptis pyramidalis, Eriospermum corymbosum and Gonatopus angustus.
19/10 Euphorbia mlanjeana, Euphorbia mahabobokensis, Adenium dhofarense, Jatropha fissispina, Hyperocarpa filiformis and Dioscorea quartiniana.
16/10 Adenia metamorpha, Xerophyta argentea, Xerophyta retinervis, Raphionacme utilis and a new family: VELLOZIACEAE.
15/10 Stephania japonica, Cyphostemma hardyi, Erythrina lysistemon and Ipomoea horsfalliae.
Updated the taxonomy history with APGIII and APGIV  - which is jolly boring, I know....
14/10 Due to the lack of new species to add to the pages, I have gone through the old pages, added a bit of information, 58 photos, made quite some corrections to my bad English and changed a bit on the design on some of the 1895 pages.
10/10 A new plant: Cyphostemma mappia
24/3 A new plant: Dioscorea basiclavicaulis and a lot more photos on Jatropha podagrica from the wild Nicaragua
1/1 THE OLD NEWS 2019