NEWS 2018

New plants?: Please send names!
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10/12 New botanical garden; Argotti Botanic Gardens & Resource Centre Malta.
And new plant;
Protasparagus densiflorus.
26/9 New plants: Momordica cymbalaria, Urera nitida, Vasconcellea candicans, Tabebuia umbellata and Pandorea jasminoides.
23/9 Some new plants: Apios fortunei, Apios priceana and Mirabilis expansa.
7/9 Some more botanical gardens: Meise Botanical Garden,  Tartu Botanical Garden, Wroclaw Botanical Garden, Uppsala Botanical Garden, Linne's Garden and  Bergianska Trägården.
2/9 Two more gardens: Zargreb Botanical Garden and Linz Botanical Garden
1/9 A new plant: Dioscorea discolor and the first of several botanical gardens from my tour through 40 countries in Europe: Sofia BG.
19/5 I have visited a lot of botanical gardens; none worth to write about,
Now I have visited Plapp's cacti nursery, and it is fantastic!
7/3 Two new plants; Jatropha pelargoniifolia and Euphorbia hadramautica. Found while I explored Oman
6/3 A new plant; Peperomia scutellaefolia
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