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31/12 New  News-Page 2016
19/12 New  botanical garden: Katse Alpin Botanical Garden, Lesotho
8/12 New  botanical garden: Grahamstown Botanical Garden ZA
1/9 New  caudiciforms: Pteroxygonum giraldii and Fallopia multiflora.
4/8 New  name on a caudiciforms: Oxygonum stuhlmannii (former Polygonaceae sp.)
13/6 New  caudiciforms: Stictocardia mojangensis, Apodanthera sagittifolia Kedrostis nana and Sterculia rogersii.
6/6 New  caudiciforms: Abobra tenuifolia and Coccinia microphylla.
2/4 New  caudiciforms: Notholirion thomsonianum, Dioscorea deltoidea and Dioscorea pentaphylla.
8/2 New  caudiciform: Agapetes sp.
8/2 New  botanical garden: Mountain Botanical Gardens, NEP
5/2 New  botanical gardens: Bangladesh National and Lloyd BG
12/1 New  caudiciforms: Stephania glandulifera
11/1 Three new botanical gardens: NEPAL NATIONAL BG, ROYAL BOTANICAL GARDEN Lowland, Bhutan and ROYAL BOTANICAL GARDEN Highand, Bhutan. Not much with caudiciforms to do...
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