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31/12 New  news for 2014
4/12 New  epiphytic bulb: Hippeastrum aulicum.
2/11 New  plants: Euphorbia mosaica and Cyphostemma junceum.
27/10 New  Euphorbias: Euphorbia pugniformis, Euphorbia polycephala, Euphorbia pedilanthoides, Euphorbia meridionalis and Euphorbia gillettii.
26/10 New  caudiciforms and bulbs: Dioscorea glauca, Gemmaria gemmata, Gloriosa rothschildiana, Moringa ruspoliana and Tulbaghia capensis.
21/10 New  bulb: Harpagophytum zeyheri, Lachenalia bulbifera and Brunsvigia radulosa.
20/10 New caudiciform and bulbs: Aristolochia fimbriata, Brunsvigia gregaria, Dipcadi brevifolium, Lachenalia nervosa and Pauridia trifurcillata.
14/10 New caudiciform: Callirhoe involucrata.
10/10 New bulb: Nerine sarniensis.
5/10 New bulbs: Cyrtanthus sanguineus and Narcissus broussonetii.
22/9 New caudiciform: Impatiens flanaganae.
14/9 New caudiciforms: Impatiens parishii and Impatiens phengklaii.
5/9 New caudiciform: Bryonia verrucosa.
1/9 New caudiciform: Sinningia micans.
24/8 New caudiciform: Anomalluma mccoyi.
13/8 New caudiciform: Commiphora campestris.
12/8 New caudiciform: Pelargonium luteolum.
10/8 New caudiciforms: Brachystelma festucifolium and Ceropegia kituloensis. And a Dutch BG: Leiden
9/8 New caudiciform: Pelargonium caroli-henrici.
28/7 New caudiciform: Euphorbia milii (actually, it is the var. tenuispina that forms a caudex)
27/7 New caudiciforms: Pelargonium sibthorpiifolium and Pelargonium undulatum.
22/7 New caudiciform: Pelargonium nummulifolium
9/7 New caudiciforms: Pelargonium ladysmithianum and Pelargonium longifolium.
4/7 New caudiciforms: Cissus tweedieana and Firmiana simplex .
18/6 New caudiciforms: Pelargonium luteum and Pelargonium nervifolium.
17/6 New caudiciform: Pelargonium grenvilleae.
15/6 New caudiciforms: Pelargonium dipetalum, Pelargonium fergusoniae and Pelargonium fissifolium.
5/6 New caudiciforms: Pelargonium proliferum, Pelargonium bubonifolium and Pelargonium caledonicum.
4/6 New caudiciform: Pelargonium endlicherianum, Pelargonium carneum and Pelargonium chelidonium.
22/5 New caudiciform: Pelargonium asarifolium.
20/5 New caudiciforms: Pelargonium magenteum and Pelargonium echinatum.
19/5 New caudiciforms: Pelargonium boranense, Pelargonium cortusifolium and Pelargonium schizopetalum
24/4 New caudiciform: Pelargonium rubiginosum.
15/4 New caudiciform: Monilaria moniliformis.
26/3 New caudiciforms: Jatropha stuhlmannii and Stephania tuberosa.
25/3 New caudiciforms: Impatiens opinata, Ipomoea bullata and Jatropha campestris.
24/3 New caudiciforms: Brachystelma bruceae, Cyphostemma wittei, Eriospermum dregei and Eriospermum mackenii.
24/3 Not about caudiciforms, but Cacti from south and middle -, Cacti from the semi-northern - and ultra northern Western Argentina.
16/2 Not about caudiciforms, but Cacti of Chile
15/2 New caudiciform: Begonia boliviensis
9/2 A new botanical garden: Mapulemu Jardin Botanico, Santiago, Chile. Nothing to do with caudiciforms...
2/2 A new botanical garden: Jardin Botanico Nacional, Chile. Not much with caudiciforms to do...
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