NEWS 2012  

New plants?: Please send names!
 New photos and information are uploaded on existing pages without notes. 



31/12 The new news 2013
30/11 New plant: Adenia subsessilifolia.
14/11 Yet one more bulb: Strumaria truncata.
2/11 New plants on Rikke's plants: Gymnocalycium anisitsii, Gymnocalycium ragonesei, and Turbinicarpus pseudomacrochele.
31/10 New plant: Cyphostemma orondo.
27/10 New plant: Scilla latifolia.
11/10 New plant: Euphorbia ruficeps.
10/10 New plants: Euphorbia filiflora, Euphorbia gilbertiana, Euphorbia melanohydrata and Euphorbia namibensis.
2/10 New plants: Adenia ovata and Euphorbia multiramosa.
30/9 Finally: New caudiciforms: Aristolochia westlandii, Euphorbia platycephala, Larryleachia cactiformis and Semele gayae.
28/9 New pages about botanical gardens in Germany: Dresden, Halle, Leipzig and Berlin.
18/9 New plant: Corallocarpus welwitschii.
25/8 New plant: Ipomoea leptophylla.
9/8 New bulb: Zephyranthes candida.
26/7 New bulbs: Calostemma purpureum and Haemanthus humilis.
5/6 New bulbs: Cyrtanthus mackenii, Habranthus gracilifolius, Hymenocallis harrisiana, Tulbaghia acutiloba, Tulbaghia cominsii and Tulbaghia montana.
3/6 New bulb (I an considering to extract the bulbs to their own page): Habranthus tubispathus
2/6 New plants: Cryptostephanus vansonii, Tulbaghia alliacea, Tulbaghia galpinii and Tulbaghia violacea. And on Rikke's Plants :Ibicella lutea
6/4 New plant: Ibervillea fusiformis.
1/4 New plant: Jatropha cuneata.
31/3 New plants: Cussonia natalensis, Cussonia zuluensis, Aloe fimbrialis and a bulb: Ornithogalum namaquense.
24-25/3 New plants: Dioscorea hastifolia, Peperomia macrorhiza Peperomia tepoztecoana, Peperomia jalcaensis, Peperomia ocrosensis, Peperomia pugnicaudex, Peperomia radiatinervosa, Peperomia wernerrauhii and Peperomia lilliputiana.
18/3 New plant: Othonna macrosperma.
17/3 New plants: Euphorbia esculenta, Othonna lobata and Zygosicyos sp. nova.   Normally, I don't list new photos on existing pages, but I find the cutting and clusters of buds on the Pyrenacantha malvifolia so interesting.
2/3 New plant on Rikke's Plants: Monadenium arborescens.
21/2 New plant - or at least a new name for it: Adenia stylosa.
12/2 Absolutely noting to do with caudiciforms: Hanoi Botanical Garden: Vuon Bach Thao and Ho Chi Minh Botanical Garden
1/1 THE OLD NEWS 2011