NEWS 2011   

New plants?: Please send names!
 New photos and information are uploaded on existing pages without notes. 



31/12 New news: 2012
19/11 New plant: Eulophia speciosa.
20/10 New plant: Cyclamen rohlfsianum.
18/9 New plants: Euphorbia albipollinifera and Euphorbia beharensis.
17/9 New plants: Euphorbia razafindratsirae and Yucca endlichiana.
27/8 New plant: Dioscorea strydomiana.
30/7 New plant: Commiphora wightii.
14/7 New article: Growing plants from seeds
19/6 New plant: Ipomoea hieronymi.
28/4 New bulb: Tulipa armena.
25/4 New plants: Erythrina acanthocarpa, Ipomoea blepharophylla, Pterodiscus ruspolii and  Tylecodon ellaphieae.
24/4 New plants: Adenia monadelpha, Dolichos bianoensis and Elephantorrhiza burkii.
21/4 New plant on Rikke's Plants: Capsicum chinense.
17/4 New plants: Cyclamen pseudibericum, Euphorbia khandallensis, Euphorbia panchganiensis and Leucocoryne coquimbensis.
9/4 ARE BULBS CAUDICIFORMS? Well, that might be discussed. Where the others have swollen roots/rhizomes or/and stems, bulbs have swollen leaf stalks. I have chosen to include them, but are considering to make a special site for them. Anyway; here are a few more: New plants: Babiana fragrans, Cathissa concinna, Ixia polystachya, Lachenalia arbuthnotiae, Lachenalia unicolor and Tulipa goulimyi.
26/3 New plants: Begonia herbacea, Freesia alba, Sarcoca acinosa, Cyphostemma hypoleucum and Fritillaria graeca. New family: FRITILLARIACEAE.
26/2 New plants: Calibanus glassianus and Beaucarnea compacta.
5/2 New plant: Mandevilla illustris
30/1 New plant: Cycas cairnsiana
23/1 New plants: Hyacinthoides lingulata, Tractema ramburei and Urginea undulata
22/1 New plants: Sesamothamnus benguellensis, Lachenalia carnosa and Lachenalia congesta.
1/1 THE OLD NEWS 2010