NEWS 2010   

New plants?: Please send names!
 New photos and information are uploaded on existing pages without notes. 



31/12 New page: THE NEW NEWS 2011.
19/12 New plants: Kedrostis gijef and Kedrostis foetidissima.
24/10 New plants: Euphorbia rossii and  Amorphophallus titanum.
 10/10 New plants on Rikke's: Mainly for the jjoy of its strangeness: Azolla filiculoides.
7-9/10 New plants on Rikke's: Mainly for the Taxonomic Collection: Huperzia squarrosa, Podocarpus falcatus, Peperomia retusa, Taxus baccata, Gnetum gnemon, Selaginella kraussiana, Danish Mosses, South African Mosses, Psilotum nudum, Berberis thunbergii and Ephedra gerardiana. And just for fun: Wolffia globosa.
23/9 New plant: Uncarina decaryi.
18/9 New plants - mainly for the Taxonomic Collection: Isoetes velata. And on Rikke's Plants: Abies nordmanniana.
15/8 New plants - mainly for the Taxonomic Collection: Isoetes japonica and Isoetes lacustris.
10/8 New plant: Sechium edule.
8/6 New plant: Momordica cochinchinensis.
4/6 New plant: Ficus rubiginosa.
22/5 New plants; Pelargonium leipoldtii, Pelargonium trifoliolatum and Pelargonium vinaceum.
21/5 New plants; Euphorbia duseimata, Pelargonium incrassatum and Commiphora gileadensis.
17/5 New plant; Bursera graveolens - and more photos on Talinum galapagosum.
14/5 Plenty of photos of Galapagos.
14/2 Not anything new for three months because of Galapagos.
1/2 New plant: Pelargonium radicatum.
23/1 New plant: Myrmecodia speciens.
14/1 New plant on Rikke's Plants: Alepidea capensis.
1/1 New plants: Please send names!
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