NEWS 2008   

PLANNED FEATURES: Better grammar - a dream? Better photos - still working. New plants from different families - please send!
More info on some of the plants - please tell!
New photos are uploaded on existing pages without notes.



31/12 News for 2009
28/12 New pages: The National Botanical Garden, Windhoek and The collection of frau Inge Pehlemann-Brase.
10/11 New page on Rikke's Plants: Gibbaeum heathii.
28/10 New page: Coccinia quinqueloba.
26/10 New pages: Euphorbia caput-medusae and Sinningia macrorrhiza. On Rikke's Plants: Sansevieria eilensis and Victoria cruziana.
20/9 New pages: Biarum davisii,  Zamia pumila, TROPAEOLACEAE, Tropaeolum incisum, Tropaeolum polyphyllum, Hechtia texensis and Beaucarnea longifolia.
17/9 New pages: Göteborg Lustgårdar Sverige and more photos.
29/8 New page: Cyclamen mirabile, Zamia integrifolia and Erythrina herbacea.
23/8 New pages: Bombax ceiba, Plectranthus parviflorus, Empodium plicatum, Pauridia minuta, Wurmbea capensis and Xanthorrhoea arborea.
7/8 New pages: Stanhopea tigrina and Tillandsia bulbosa (Some might not agree on calling these plants caudiciforms, but here they are anyway)
27/7 New pages: Dracaena serrulata, Bulbophyllum maximum, Tillandsia caput-medusae, Tillandsia circinnatioides and Tillandsia seleriana.
19/7 New pages: Medinilla scortechinii, Strumaria tenella, Ullucus tuberosus, Bursera microphylla, Bulbophyllum fletcherianum and Jatropha unicostata,
6/7 New pages: Drimia uniflora, Coccinia rehmannii and on Rikke's: Angraecum sesquipedale
11/6 New pages: Dorstenia buchananii, Kleinia neriifolia, Boswellia nana and Dracaena cinnabari.
8/5 New pages: Dorstenia lavrani and Adenium multiflorum.
7/5 New page with photos from Copenhagen Botanical Garden's Database (taken by me!)
31/3 New plant on Rikke's: Sophora toromiro.
24/3 The main slide-show have finally been updated in design (9 hours of intense work!)
15/3 New top menu: Should work with Internet Explore 7.0.
5/3 New plant: Stephania cephalantha.
15/1 New plants: Commiphora caudata, Zehneria pallidinervia and Jatropha maheshwarii.
13/1 New plant on Rikke's Plants: Conophytum truncatum
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