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Principality of Liechtenstein covers only 160 square kilometres The government is Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy, and are inhabitant by 37.500 citizens. 86% are Christians, 5,4% are Muslims and here are 5,4% without religions.
Their currency is Swiss franc (CHF), worth 6,97 Danish Krone. The GDP is US$5.155 billion.

The climate are dominated by the mountains, and it is a temperate, alpine climate, with warm, wet summers and mild winters.
Despite the size of the country, here are quite some animals. Around 55 mammals are native to Liechtenstein, including 17 species of bat, 140 species of bird, 7 species of reptile, 10 species of amphibian and 24 species of fish.
Liechtenstein's flora can be divided into three zones: The Rhein Valley floor; the lower mountain slopes above the Rhine and the Alps; and the fens and moors. For many plants requiring warm conditions, Liechtenstein and the warm climate it enjoys, thanks in part to the Föhn wind, is the most northerly place they can flourish. Of the 1600 types of plants found in the Principality, 800 are native to mountainous regions. The country is also home to 48 different kinds of orchid as well as a wide range of flora in the Ruggeller Riet.

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