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The Dominican Republic is not only rather large - Caribbean vice - but the roads are not the best. On the other hand, they winds their way through some awesome landscape. And besides from the sights I have found, I hope the journey in-between them will be great.

Boo Hostal Casa Azul   18°27'07.7"N 69°36'25.8"W
420 Playa Limón and the drive to here on 104 18°57'43.9"N 68°51'35.0"W
420b De Luz Hotel 1;35 h SW 19°17'39.0"N 69°25'57.8"W
435 Rom+Wifi+tv+breakfast 19°47'43.7"N 70°42'38.5"W
434 27 falls of Damajagua 4 hour walk. 8;30-16 ???
    Texaco station is crossroad 19°45'29.7"N 70°50'03.4"W
438 Jarabacoa Mountain city, waterfalls 19°07'17.0"N 70°38'31.5"W
438b Salto Jimenoa Uno  60 m waterfall 19°05'58.5"N 70°35'53.4"W
439 Lodge Inn Jarabacoa 19°08'20.8"N 70°38'29.8"W
409 Santo Domingo Zona Colonial 18°28'14.7"N 69°53'02.8"W
409b Museo Alcŕzar de Colón Nice old house 18°28'38.8"N 69°52'58.2"W
409c Museo de las Casas Reales Nice old house 18°28'33.3"N 69°53'00.1"W
411 Fortaleza Ozama Oldest am fortress 18°28'22.5"N 69°52'53.5"W
413 Faro a Colón Strange, huge monument 18°28'45.5"N 69°52'02.3"W
413b Jadin Botanico Nacional and Ecological Museum 13 km 18°29'24.6"N 69°57'34.1"W
418 Mercado Modelo Market 18°28'31.5"N 69°53'25.3"W
416 Santo Domingo B&B 18°28'08.9"N 69°53'41.8"W
Airport JBQ La Isabela International 18°34'29.7"N 69°58'50.7"W

Photos   Map & Plan   Diary 1  2  3  4