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The Republic of Colombia is an Unitary presidential constitutional republic, covering 1.141.748 square kilometres in-between the Northern Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea , Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Brazil and Venezuela. It is the home of 49.364.592 citizens, of which 92% are Christians.
The currency is Colombian Peso, worth  0,002 Danish Krone and €0,0003. The GDP is US$306 billion.

The climate varieties from tropical to polar, with everything in-between. That give room for a 32 biomers and the number of animal and plant species are enormous! Colombia is the country on the planet more characterized by a high biodiversity, with the highest rate of species by area unit worldwide, and it has the largest number of endemisms. It has 10% of the world’s mammals species, 14% of the amphibian species and 18% of the bird species. The country has between 40.000 and 45.000 plant species, and have more orchid species than any other country. Here are approximately 7.000 species of beetles and  456 reported species of mammals. I will not make any listing, nor will I try to find specific species. My main aim it the boimers - except the Polar.

Well, this is so far only a plan, but with a bit of luck, I should be there in January 2018.

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