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To plan my tour, I have found a map.

The main purpose is to find and inspect wild plants. They are scatted all over the country, and I will be look for them on the tour.
Along the route, some other sights of interest are found. There is a list of those below the map.

THE PLAN FOR BOTSWANA - MK I (Changes might have to be made)



Kasane/ Kazungula 1 Border city 158KM/3.30H
Chobe NP 5 11.000 km2 777KM/14H
Central Kalahari GR 12 Awesome... Size of Denmark. 250KM/5.30H
Maun 8 To get to Okavanga. 78KM/1.40H
Okavango Delta 7 Why not? Entrance at Maun. East is affordable&easy  
Moremi GR in Okavanga 9 The best Okovanga  
Ghanzi 11 The capital of Kalahari 363KM/3.10H
Kalahari 10 A must! 470KM/8.30H
Kgalagadi Transfrontier P. 14 Sand dunes, wildlife, Entrance: Two Rivers 157KM/5.10H
Bokspits Border 16    
Thshabong Border 15 Alternately  

App. 2250 km

  A lot of driving to connect the dots....  

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