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Family: Hydnoraceae  

 Hydnora africana

A flower from Cornel's Kopf, Richtersveld
National Park, South Africa.

Author:  Carl Peter Thunberg 1775
Family:  Hydnoraceae
Habitat:  Namibia, South Africa
Soil:  Grit or Mix
Water:  Minimum (Sap from Euphorbias)
Sun:  Not really
Thickness:  2 centimetres
Height:  Flower: 8 centimetres
Flower:  Dark Red
Reproduction:  Seeds

Those two are Hydnora africana from Cornel's Kopf.

These are from outside Rosh Pinah, Namibia.

   This member of the Hydnoraceae family was described by Carl Peter Thunberg in 1775. It is found in Namibia and South Africa, growing on the roots of Euphorbia. The parasite attaches itself to Euphorbia roots 5-15cm below ground, but will not harm the host. It is rarely encountered, as it exposes only its rather bizarre-looking dark red flower five to eight centimetres above the ground.

This is a mushroom: Aseroe rubra.

Hyobrata glabrata.  An other parasite.

Hyobrata glabrata.  An other parasite.