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Family: Convolvulaceae 

 Cuscuta nitida
Author:  Ernst Heinrich Friedrich Meyer 1841
Family:  Convolvulaceae
Habitat:  Southern Africa
Soil:  No, it grows on:
Water:  No, sap from the host
Sun:  Not really
Thickness:  1,5 millimetres
Height:  6 metres
Flower:  White
Reproduction:  Seeds
Pop names:  Dodder
Synonyms:  Cuscuta burmannii Choisy 1841

It attaches it selves at any possibility.

   This member of the Convolvulaceae family was given this name by
Ernst Heinrich Friedrich Meyer in 1841. It is found in small isolated areas in  southern Africa, growing on many different plants. It is fast growing; up to ten centimetres a day. It will eventually kill it's host, but will have attached it selves to others meanwhile.

Here, it covers Portulacaria afra, and will kill it in few years.

The fruit.