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Crassula ovata

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This is an old plant, being cut back every year.

Wild plant from Karoo National Park, ZA.

Author:  George Claridge Druce 1916
Family:  Crassulaceae
Habitat:   Southern Africa
Soil:   Min
Water:   Medium
Sun:   Medium
Thickness:  30 centimetres
Height:  3 meters
Flower:   White/(Pink)
Propagate:   Seeds/Cuttings
Names:   -
Synonyms:  -
This member of the Crassulaceae family was first described by George Claridge Druce in 1916. It's found in the southern part of Africa, growing in a well-drained soil, little water and doing fine in the shadows. It will reach 2,5 meters. If it is dried totally out in the summer (6-7-8), it will flower with fine small white flowers in January. Can easy be reproduced by leaves, cuttings and seeds. I got mine from a friend around 1987.

It has been spread all around the world.

The nominate colour is almost white,

This one is quiet pink (more without flash!)