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Family: Aizoaceae 

 Conophytum truncatum

All plants from Mt. Hope, Little Karoo, South Africa

Author:  Nicholas Edward Brown 1922
Family:  Aizoaceae
Habitat:  Little Karoo, South Africa
Soil:  Gravel
Water:  Minimum
Sun:  Medium
Thickness:  5-25 millimetres
Height:  10-30 millimetres
Flower:  White - Yellow
Reproduction:  Seeds/Cuttings
Pop names:  Dumpling
Synonyms:  Mesembryanthemum truncatum, Carl Peter Thunberg 1791

    This tiny member of the Aizoaceae family was given this name by Nicholas Edward Brown in 1922. It is found in Little Karoo, growing in extreme dry areas. It grow in gravel, receiving a bit of winter rain, none at summer. The
This is a winter grower. The small bulbs only reach from a half to two and a half centimetre, but form clusters of more than 10 centimetres. The flowers are from white to yellow.

This is a winter grower.

Conophytom means Cone shaped, truncatum refers to its truncated nature.