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Family: Caesalpiniaceae 

 Caesalpinia gilliesii
Author:  Nathaniel Wallich 1830
Family:  Caesalpiniaceae
Habitat:   Argentina, Uruguay
Soil:   Mix
Water:   Maximum
Sun:   Maximum
Height:  3 meters
Flower:   Yellow and red
Reproduction:   Seeds
Common Names:   Bird of Paradise Bush, Desert Bird of Paradise, Yellow Bird of Paradise, Ponciano, Barba de Chivo, Mal de Ojo
Synonyms:  Poinciana gilliesii,Hook.  Erythrostemon gilliesii Klotzsch, 1844. Caesalpinia macrantha
This member of the Caesalpiniaceae family  was described by Nathaniel Wallich in 1830. It was found in Argentina and Uruguay and has now been spread to the southern part of North America. It grows in a well drained soil with lots of water and lots of sun. The stems will reach for 3 meters, the flowers are yellow with red stamens. It can only be reproduced by seeds.