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Agave schottii

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Author:  Georg Engelmann 1875
Family:  Agavaceae
Habitat:   South Western US to Northern Mexico
Soil:   Mix
Water:   Medium
Sun:   Maximum
Height:  40 centimetres, flower 2,5 meters
Flower:   Yellow
Propagate:   Seeds/Of-shoots
Names:   Shindagger, Amole, Amoliyo, Schott's Agave, Shin Dagger
Synonyms:  Agave geminiflora var. sonorae Torr. 1859.  Agave mulfordiana Trel. 1920. Agave sonorae

This member of the Agavaceae family was described by George Engelmann in 1875. It is found from the south western US down to Northern Mexico, mainly between 900-2000 meters  elevation. It needs a well drained soil with little to some water and lots of sun. The leaves will reach 40 centimetre, the flower-stand 2,5 meters. The flowers are yellow, and beside by seeds, the plant can be reproduced by offsets.