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Family: Nymphaeaceae 

 Victoria cruziana

The leaves are reddish underneath and can grow to more than one and a half meter in diameter. Here in Copenhagen.

Author:  Charles Henry Dessalines d' Orbigny 1840
Family:  Nymphaeaceae
Habitat:  Argentina, Parana, Paraguay
Soil:  Rich soil and Water
Water:  Plenty
Sun:  Maximum
Height:  50-200 centimetres (10 centimetres above water)
Flower:  White-Light Pink / Red
Reproduction:  Seeds
Pop names:  Santa Cruz water-lily
Synonyms:  Victoria argentina Burmeister 1861. Victoria regia var. cruziana George Lawson 1888

The flowers occurs at night-time. This is an early morning.

   This member of the Nymphaeaceae family was given this name by Charles Henry Dessalines d' Orbigny in 1840. It is found in Argentina, Panama and Paraguay, growing in shallow waters with a rich button and plenty of sun. The flowers are from bright white to light pink, always with a dark red centre. It will flower from late evening to early morning.

Leaves in Copenhagen and entire plant in Aarhus.