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Family: Eriocaulaceae 

 Syngonanthus chrysanthus
Author:  Wilhelm Otto Eugen Ruhland 1903
Family:  Eriocaulaceae
Habitat:  Brazil
Soil:  Mix
Water:  Maximum
Sun:  Medium-Maximum
Height:  15 centimetres
Flower:  Gold
Reproduction:  Seeds
Pop names:  Mikado
Synonyms:  Dupatya chrysantha Kuntze, Eriocaulon chrysanthum Bong., Paepalanthus chrysanthus. Bras.
This member of the Eriocaulaceae family was described by Wilhelm Otto Eugen Ruhland in 1903. It is found in Brazil, growing in well-drained acid soil with lots of water and sun, but it won't stand too high humidity. It only reaches for 15 centimetres, the flowers are gold with white inside, and it can only be reproduced by seeds. I found mine in Tåstrup in 2003.