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Family: Cactaceae 

 Stenocactus crispatus
Author:  Alwin Berger 1929
Family:  Cactaceae
Habitat:  Mexico
Soil:  Grit
Water:  Medium
Sun:  Medium
Thickness:  10 centimetres
Height:  10 centimetres
Flower:  Pink
Reproduction:  Seeds
Synonyms:  Echinofossulocactus crispatus, Echinocactus crispatus, Ferocactus crispatus, Echinocactus arrigens, Echinofossulocactus arrigens, Stenocactus arrigens, Echinofossulocactus confusus, Stenocactus confusus, Brittonrosea confusa, Efossus confusus, Echinocactus dichroacanthus, Echinofossulocactus dichroacanthus, Stenocactus dichroacanthus, Echinocactus flexispinus, Echinofossulocactus flexispinus, Echinofossulocactus guerraianus, Echinofossulocactus kellerianus, Echinocactus lamellosus, Echinofossulocactus lamellosus, Stenocactus lamellosus, Echinocactus lancifer, Echinofossulocactus lancifer, Stenocactus lancifer, Echinofossulocactus multiareolatus, Echinocactus violaciflorus, Echinofossulocactus violaciflorus, Stenocactus dichroacanthus var. violaciflorus, Stenocactus dichroacanthus var. violaciflorus, Stenocactus violaciflorus, Brittonrosea violaciflora
   This member of the Cactaceae family was described by Alwin Berger in 1829. It is found in Mexico, growing in grit with some water and some sun. It will grow up to ten centimetres in diameter and the flowers are pink
  • Family: Cactaceae
  • SubFamily: Cactoideae
  • Tribe: Cacteae