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Family: Euphorbiaceae 

 Monadenium arborescens

1 1/2 year after I took it out of tissue-culture.

Author:  Peter René Oscar Bally 1959
Family:  Euphorbiaceae
Habitat:  Tanzania
Soil:  Limestone Gravel
Water:  Medium
Sun:  Maximum
Height:  4 metres
Flower:  White/Pink/Greenish
Reproduction:  Seeds/Cuttings
Pop names:  -
Synonyms:  Euphorbia neoarborescens, Peter Vincent Bruyns 2006
Got it from:  Tissue Culture
Year:  2011


3 years old, and 5-8 branches, each 40 centimetres. Total two metres tall.

Only buds during the first winter.

When the flowers opens - they are not much bigger.

The roots are fare from using the pots.

They grow around 65 centimetres a year. 2. year.



This member of the Euphorbiaceae family was described by Peter René Oscar Bally from a cultivated specimen. The area of origin; Ruaha Valley; Malolo in the Kilosa District of Tanzania, was only found in 1990. It is little more than a square kilometre and is now turned into grassing land. It is limestone, and it receives quite some water and sun.

 The plant is under real pressure in the wild, and will probably be extinct within a few years.

One of the small flowers.

When watered regularly, the leaves remains for years.

The strange stem.

As most of the Euphorbias, the sap is white.