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Family: Apiaceae 

 Alepidea capensis

I found this little plant in the mountains north of George.

Author:  Robert Allen Dyer 1937
Family:  Apiaceae
Habitat:   South Africa
Soil:   Clay - Mix
Water:   Medium
Sun:   Medium - Maximum
Thickness:  -
Height:  7 centimetres, Flower stalk 40 centimetres.
Flower:   White - Mauve
Reproduction:   Seeds
Common Names:   -
Synonyms:  Campanulaceae; Jasione capensis P.J.Bergius 1780. Umbelliferae Astrantia ciliaris Linne.jr.. 1882. Alepidea tenella Schltr. & H. Wolff  = Alepidea capensis var. tenella Weim.
This little member of the Apiaceae  family was given this name by Robert Allen Dyer in 1937. It is found in the heights of southern South Africa, growing in clay to well drained soil with quite some water and some to lots of sun. The leaves will reach seven centimetres in height, the inflorescence up to 40 centimetres. The flowers are from white to mauve.

When I found this plant growing without flowers between Droseras, I had absolutely no idea of what it was! I had to ask the fabulous Ernst van Jaarsveld.