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the peat-bog landscape

            Kind of an aquascaping; the peat-bog.
In an attempt to build a gloomy aquarium, I this time try to create a peat-bog. It might call for killifishes, but it is too small, and I settle for a pair of bright yellow shrimps, just to be able to spot them. I might have to feed them in this aquarium.
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C:   20-25
pH:   5,2-6,5
dKH:   2-8
S:   0,2-1,0
E/M2/s:   60-90
Litre:   ?

(Photo when I actually have made it - I lack the glass)


2 Neocaridina davidi,
Yellow Shrimps


Bacopa monnieri, Water Hyssop

Micranthemum tweediei, 'Monte Carlo

Cladophora aegagropila, Marimo Ball

Utricularia graminifolia, Bladderwort


A large wineglass, 0,975 L

A single magnet to hold the lamp

The branches are corkscrew hassle

The background is common linden

The lit is 1 mm thick, oval glass

The light is a singe LED on a wire

Sphagnum to cover the bottom

Plastic grit to control the "trees"

                                                  THE THOUGHTS
This time, I want to create a dark, brownish pond, but take the aquascape-approach, and build in the land part too - but flood. The tiny trees have to be pruned from time to time, but are aloud to give quite some shadow. The water is left to be brown (and I might add a cuppa, just to start it up). The light is dimmed, just to add to the murky atmosphere.
                                                      THE BUILD
The background is made from linden bark, cut into shape, to fit the curved glass. A fat screw in the back of the bark hold it to the magnet in the back.
The thin corkscrew  hassle "trees" are attached to a hidden plastic grit to control them, and Marimo Algae is wrapped around them. A few "bushes" of Monte Carlo and Bladderwort, along with some "young trees" of Hyssop, make up the rest of the interior.
To be able to spot the shrimps in this gloomy glass, I have chosen bright yellow ones. As the water is rainwater, I have to offer the shrimps some egg-shells.

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