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Landscape in a wine glass

  Another - half-hearted - attempt on aquascaping
It is intended to look like a beach in front of a forest. I can't explain the presence of the brown shrimp though.... Well, I had them. Nymphs of the forest? And they should be able to control the algae. It have no background, and is a quite light composition for once in the front, but gloomy in the deep forest.
Red more about the build under the photos .
C:   20-25
pH:   6,7-7,8
dKH:   12-18
  S:   0,2-1,5
E/M2/s:   100-140
Litre:   0,93


Some of my own breeded Neocaridina davidi, Brown


Cladophora aegagropila, Marimo Ball

Utricularia graminifolia, Bladderwort

Micranthemum tweediei, 'Monte Carlo

Taxiphyllum barbieri, Java Moss


A large wineglass

A single magnet to hold the lamp

The branches are corkscrew hassle

Sphagnum to please the Bladderwort

The lit is 1 mm thick, oval glass

The light is a singe LED on a wire

Beach sand - for the beach

A few pebbles to the beach

                                               THE THOUGHTS
I want this to look like a beach in front of a mixed forest. I realise I can't create the awesome aquascapes others do in 300 L tanks, but give it a go anyway. I want this to appears quite bright, and the almost white sand accomplish this. The "trees" are confine to the back, letting more light hit the "beach". The transition from the beach to the forest should be a wall of clay, but I use a branch.
The stick, laying flat in the middle, mimicking the wall to the soil under the forest, and the trees are attached to it.
The "trees" are dressed in Marimo algae and Java Moss to mimic leaves. The "forest floor" is covered in Lesser Bladderwort and Monte Carlo, growing on sphagnum, while the "grass" is in the side. The Bladderwort forces me to use rainwater - I think.
To control algae and give some motion, I add some of my own breed of shrimps - which turned out brown.
Yet another cheep Femto aquarium: The Rosendahl wine glass; 7, the lit is spare from earlier, twigs, pebble, sand and sphagnum the cemetery's dump-site, the LED light is 3, 1 for the magnet. Most of the plants are from other aquariums, and I only spend 4, as they wee shared with the Pico 2 aquarium as well. A total of 15.

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